Jean-Louis Poncin, single traveler, amateur photographer, webmasteur self-taught, passionate the beauty of nature which are either wild or controlled by man.

Nature-photography-light, a name in English to reach the world, French, My mother tongue is used in parallel and in the tree structure of the site.

Nature, photography, light, These three words summarize them only the meaning of my photographic activity.

Discover nature magnified by light, relieved of the burden Scientific participated in the awakening of the mind while remaining accessible to all.

Other people do a fantastic job of librarian or researcher with admirable energy.

My pleasure is here to simply raise the admiration of nature and to encourage travel in respect thereof.

My main subjects are landscapes, flowers, plants, animals, minerals as well as aerial views, spaces framed by the man with a goal of preservation of plant and animal species, biodiversity and respect for Nature.

The pictures taken are shown without such tricks, modifications or any single zoom is sometimes used. The device settings are automatic by default, allowing intelligent software to manage different settings because it is clear that during a trek or just a stroll when a photo opportunity is the situation does not always the ideal setting

The place, time, weather, framing the subject are the most important elements.

I wish therefore a pleasure to all visitors, whether they come from my country Belgique or the whole world ...

For commercial use of my photos you can contact me via the page provided.

If the translation from French to your language is incorrect, you can offer me another through my contact page.
thank you

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